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A Russian snack brand wanted to expand its business and establish a presence in China, a country with a massive number of quality customers and a growing demand for international snacks.


The Brand Faced challenges such as:

  • Dealing with multiple middlemen / distributor fees and their process

  • Conducting market research to address dietary challenges

  • Ensuring product storage and safety

  • Promoting brand awareness

However, the brand encountered several hurdles in determining a marketing plan that could connect with the Chinese audience, overcoming cultural and language barriers, dealing with the laws & regulations in China, and managing logistics and product storage. Major challenges were to target the right audience for their product and conduct market research.


We conducted extensive market research on the target audience for their products, competitors, and laws to identify the most effective channels for promoting the brand.

We assisted the brand with our One-Stop Ecommerce Solution with importing and a logistics warehouse in China which saved their import time. To sell the products, we list their products on Tmall Global Supermarket (China’s largest e-commerce platform), of which we are the official distributor, it allowed the brand to bypass middlemen and lower costs.

To promote the brand, we used a mix of marketing strategies, including influencer marketing, programmatic banner ads, and advertorials. From TMall Display Ads we got the maximum attention to the brand to reach targeted customers. We leveraged extensive marketing such as KOL marketing on Douyin (Chinese version of TikTok), to promote the brand to their followers.


The sales and marketing plan developed for the brand in China led to remarkable growth in sales, brand recognition, and customer base expansion. Listing on Tmall Global Supermarket and the use of display ads and advertorials helped the brand directly reach its target audience, build loyalty and establish itself as a formidable player in the Chinese beauty market. The brand witnessed a 37% average monthly sales increase from the beginning and achieved its objectives of enhancing reaching more customers, brand awareness, and product exposure through the tailored plan.

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