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A Russian snack brand wanted to expand its business and establish a presence in China, a country with a massive number of quality customers and a growing demand for international snacks.


The Brand Faced challenges such as:

  • Dealing with multiple middlemen / distributor fees and their process

  • Conducting market research to address dietary challenges

  • Ensuring product storage and safety

  • Promoting brand awareness

Overcoming language and cultural barriers, navigating complex Chinese laws and logistics, and developing a resonating marketing strategy was a challenge for a brand entering the Chinese market. The brand sought local support with knowledge of e-commerce and marketing to ensure a successful market entry.


Shopfever collaborated with the brand to develop a customized sales and marketing strategy for the Chinese market. We researched diet and food laws, selected taste-engaging products, and determined pricing strategies to reach the target audience. We advised them on imports, logistics, and warehouses to save their time and money, and worked with the brand's legal team to ensure compliance with Chinese regulations.

We assisted the brand in listing products on Tmall Global Supermarket, and with our connections to Douyin, Toutiao, and other marketing platforms, we enhanced brand exposure and popularity at a lower cost. We used strategies to increase page traffic and draw direct purchases and followers, managed product pages, and optimized search engine rankings through KOL marketing with top Chinese influencers and celebrities.


The brand witnessed notable growth in sales and market share in China in a few months. Influencer partnerships and social media campaigns led to a significant increase in brand awareness and engagement. The brand gained massive impressions, views, clicks, and leads, establishing itself as a competitive player in the Chinese snack market. Monthly sales in China reached few million RMB , aided by listings on Tmall and promotions on Douyin.

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